My road to success is a combination of training and a very healthy way of eating. From early on, I knew that my future would be connected with sport, and it is! My life motto is “If you have a body, you are an athlete” (Bill Bowermann). As a fitness instructor, cycling instructor, personal trainer and a beginning triathlete, I am forced to be disciplined and of course I have to have a balanced and healthy diet. For me a balanced and healthy diet is the key to a happy state of mind, a healthy body and good results in sport.

A_217840114 proper diet adjusted to your body’s needs can (amongst other things) restore your energy level after training. Of course a proper diet is half the battle. Without it you can wait for a long time to see any effect. That’s why on my blogs, I present carefully balanced and healthy meals. The essence of healthy food is consuming food the way nature delivered it, or as close too it as possible. Healthy eating is not a diet, it’s my lifestyle. My approach to food is one of the most important parts of being a healthy, happy and active woman.

Some rules of my daily eating routine:

  • Eat five to six meals a day
  • Drink at least two liters of water a day
  • Avoid processed and refined foods, that means anything high in transfats, anything fried or anything high in sugar
  • Avoid preservatives, color additives and toxic binders, stabilizers, emulsifiers and fat replacers.
  • Try to eat seasonal and local produce
  • Go grocery shopping with a shopping list
  • Always have a lunchbox full of freshly prepared meals

One of Lidia’s favorite breakfast recipes is her walnut omelette. Check out the recipe!

Written by Lidia Grzelak